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June 19th, 2009

12:55 am - SNAPUUP
Hello Boys and Girls,

I haven't posted here editorial wise, but I hope this makes up for not doing so by advertising a blog dedicated to street style and unique individuality.

I have been busy interviewing and photographing young talent. The blog features loads of male models and photographers who have worked at Vogue and Dazed & Confuzed. A lot of the guys are HAWT, and there's a few celebrities involved too. I think you guys would like it, and I'd also appreciate the support. It'd be great if you could friend the community and comment on what you think works.

Check it out - http://community.livejournal.com/snapuup/

Speak soon!


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May 30th, 2008

07:15 pm
I feel good.

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November 25th, 2006

02:51 pm

Got myself a haircut.

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June 11th, 2006

03:47 pm
So a few things have been going on.

The start of the Summer signals the beginning of hayfever suffering and hot stress outs from me. But only for the first 2 weeks. Afetrwards my hayfever goes away and I start enjoying it all. At the moment I'm a sniffering mess with itchy eyes and snot dribbling out of my mouth.

In other news - I finally passed my driving test! Which means I can go anywhere I want. It's seriously great. I feel free.

The start of the Summer also signals the beginning of my obsession with Big Brother. I haven't missed an episode. I feel terrible. But it's so great this year! My Big Brother opinions (these will change over the next 10 weeks, no doubt);

PETE: Love him. I think the tourettes isn't getting old at all. I love his humour, and he's fucking gorgeous.

NIKKI: What a laugh. I think in real life she's the sort of person I'd hate - but for now, she's a star. Not a dull moment when she's on screen.

GLYNN: Is it me or is Glynn actually a 5 year old? Still, cute - but I'm not a fan of his 'laddish' moments. Remain a respectable, kind boy, Glynn.

LEAH: She was like, completly lovely ithe first week and a half. Now she's a complete dickhead. Fuck this fuck that. She's survived nomination, and now she thinks shes indistructable. Not the same woman who was a Mother figure to Bonnie.

MIKEY: I literally couldn't stand this drip when I first laid eyes on him. What's he actually saying?? He's such a lazy eyed twit. Close your mouth when people talk to you!

RICHARD: He's growing on me, even though he's a complete bitch and a shit stirrer. What's with this Gay Soldier thing? With the glove and braclet and odd eye makeup? Whats... whats? Whats going on?

IMOGEN: Bit of a nobody, really. Although she's completley opened out now that Sezer the Cunt's gone.

AISLEYENE: I don't really care if I've spelt her name incorrectly. And is it me or is she the most false person in the entire universe? She was panicking because she heard cheers/boos on Friday night. In your audition you said your a bitch who takes shit from NOBODY, didn't you?

LISA: One moment she's sitting with Grace et all bitching about Richard & Leah, and the next she's sitting with Richard et all and bitching about Grace and Imogen. Nasty bitch, get her out.

SUZY: Don't know much of her. She seems nice, like a generous aunty with cool boobs. I wish the others would warm to her though.

GRACE: I cannot describe my hatred for this woman. On her reation to the 'get Grace out!' - "I dont bitch, I'm not two faced and I don't backstab! What have I done?" You silly, silly little girl.

If I've missed anyone out it's obviously because they aren't even making an impression on me. This is the greatest Big Brother in history. I'm afraid to say I'm obsessed, and I'm afraid to also say that I don't care.

Current Mood: irritatedirritated
Current Music: Music - Madonna

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March 24th, 2006

07:50 pm - The worst week of my life. ever.
Officially the worst week of my life.

With my Mum on holiday, and me left with my Dad and Brother, I went to work Monday night and came home feeling unusually exhausted. I then spent the rest of the night vomitting out of my mouth and arse.

I was so sick that I was actually scared, for a split second. I panicked. I'd genuinely never felt so shit before in my whole life.

So I heaved up air for another 3 hours, hallucinated that an old man was trying to sell me pirate DVD's at the end of my bed, hallucinated that one of my friends was collecting glasses in my room and also felt snaked wrapping themselves around my legs. How horrible.

So apart from nearly dying, I had the next few days off work and tried to prepare for my driving test. Along came the day, and I failed.

I would've passed if it wasn't for my stupid parallel park.
Everything that could've gone wrong this week DID go wrong. And to top it off it looks like I probably wont be able to go out tonight to see one of my bestest friends and drown my sorrows.

Thanks for listening, chaps.

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